We are a very new South Texas Distillery and we have begun a sharing campaign by supporting our supporters, however, we  have already  received an abundance of donation and sponsorship requests for Vodka, cash, or promotional merchandise. We are eager to support our supporters but we need to first get up and running in an effort to meet demand and build our brand.

At this time, our contributions will be presented to our committee for careful review and consideration.   In this effort, we respectfully ask that ALL DONATION & SPONSOR REQUESTS be submitted ONLY in this manner.  We ARE ONLY ABLE TO CONSIDER YOUR DONATION or SPONSOR REQUEST IF YOU SUBMIT THE FORM BELOW AT LEAST 120 days prior to your planned event deadline.  We very much appreciate your support!

All donation requestS, sponsorship, event inquiries, or promotional opportunities must be submitted at least 120 days prior to the planned event for consideration. 

Please fully complete the form below.  Only complete forms will be considered.  We will contact you.  Please only submit one request per event.  We respectfully ask that you do not send personal email donation requests, social media donation requests, telephone donation requests, or in-person donation requests.  If your request is selected, you will be contacted within a week of your submission.  If you do not receive a response within a week, your request has not been selected for contribution.  WE CANNOT SHIP SPIRITS DIRECTLY TO CONSUMERS, therefore, we WILL NOT entertain a SPIRITS CONTRIBUTION IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PICK UP.  IN ADDITION, WE CANNOT DONATE SPIRITS IF YOUR EVENT IS HELD AT A LIQUOR-LICENSED LOCATION.

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