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“I own Juggs N Jiggers in Refugio. Some of my customers buy two bottles at a time." Arlen Walker

“This is the best vodka in South Texas. Probably in all of Texas for that matter!” Lance Brown.

“Love your Vodka! Keep up the good work!” Gilbert Aguirre.

“Broke the seals on the bottles that Claudia and Bill gave me. Smooth and great taste. Keep up the good work and great quality.” Sharon Jentsch.

“. . . Wild Rag Vodka is the number 1 Vodka in the world . . . It’s not hard spreading the word about the most amazing vodka ever [made]!” James Kahanek

“ . . . well worth it . . . Royel and his wife are great folks . . . the Wild Rag Mesquite Bean Vodka is awesome!” Don McCloskey
Don McCloskey II

“. . . If you haven't tried Wild Rag Vodka, you're missing out on an exceptional spirit mde right here in South Texas!" James Morales, Sr.

“. . . absolutely love every single one of your drinks! A good friend of mine recently got married and I bought him a bottle of the Wild Rag Mesquite Bean Vodka and he said it is his new favorite vodka!" Cobie Bevly

“Great drinks and the best Vodka. Wild Rag Mesquite Bean Vodka is the best.” Sam Duncan

“Absolutely the best I’ve ever had. What a great taste.”
Joel Hilliard Jr.

“Best Vodka I’ve ever had.”
Alexis Sierra Brown

“One of my fave cocktails of the night! My Tomatillo Bloody mary made with the amazing [Wild Rag] Mesquite Bean Vodka. Thanks for making such an amazing product . . . I was so happy I was able to include this spirit in my culinary school final!” Liza Gomez-Gutierrez

“Need . . . some more of the Wild Rag Mesquite Bean Vodka and Wild Rag Vodka. I can't seem to keep it on my shelf.” Leo Garza

Wild Rag Mesquite Bean Vodka, “The best and my favorite. The Serengetti Ranch taste test proved it time and time again.” Murray Bass

“We are so fortunate to have this little gem right here in South Texas . . . The Vodka is first class, my favorite is the Mesquite Bean, it is very smooth.” Cindy Williams McCarty

“ . . . found it . . .! The best Vodka I’ve ever had, and I’ve had them all.”
Kim Allbright

“[Wild Rag TEXAS TORCH Cinnamon Flavored Vodka] . . . Great shot for any occasion to kinda get the party jump-started . . . my guys preferred it with Dr. Pepper!” Abel Moreno (click here to see video)

“[Wild Rag Mesquite Bean Vodka] ... it's delicious . . .smooth, and great taste!” Noel Ibarra

“Did you know that Wild Rag Vodka can be used to make a Pina Colada Cake and it is so yummy?!” Bebe Burgan Durrani.

“Picked up some Wild Rag Vodka for some clients . . . awesome Vodka distilled right . . . in South Texas . . . glad we met the owners because they are going places and will be a big name in the vodka game!!”
Joe Martinez

“That's some good stuff you got there!”
J.R. Castillo

“I love your Vodka.”
Connie Overstreet Echols

“Tasty vodka and you couldn't ask for better service.”
Sandra Tucker

“I love it!! I also had a [Wild Rag Vodka] mixed drink . . . at Mudbugs Cajun Ice House? ‘OMG,’ is all I can say!! It was so good!”
Dee Azocar

“Tried the [Wild Rag Mesquite Bean Vodka] last night....I gotta's awesome!" Lisa Basaldu

“Wild rag Vodka seems everyone is drinking only [Wild Rag Vodka]. Everyone seems to be requesting only Wild Rag Vodka. May need to go get a couple of more bottles. “
Robert Trevino

"Wow!!! Had an amazing time out at the Wild Rag Vodka [Tasting Room]!!! Everyone was so nice. I definitely recommend any b-day party here!!! Tommie Aguilar - Awesome service! Totally love the WRV Pickle Shots!! Had a BLAST!!"
Yvonne Gallardo

“We love this place! Only a few miles from our home, so we are frequent flyers!”
Laura Fox-Magill

“All them three vodkas you feature are awesome!! But the Mesquite Bean is amazing…and I’m not too much of a vodka drinker…but you made my wife and I fans of it now!!!”
EliasEsmeralda Alvarez

“I Love love Wild Rag and " THE LAST ONE" a must try ..... TRUST ME you will not be disappointed!”
Maricela Sanchez

“I gave one of the bottles to a friend of mine who runs a construction company in Bakersfield. Vodka is his favorite. He will spend up to $200 a bottle on good Vodka. He has been having his assistant order Wild Rag from somewhere . . . he told me that your Vodka is better than the Russian Vodka he used pay over $200 a bottle!!!”
Brandon Martinez

Polo Sanchez
  recommends South Texas Distillery Home of Wild Rag Vodka.
"Great Vodka and social environment. Local hangout.”
Polo Sanchez

“Great drinks!... and VODKA. Local hangout.”
Vickie Harris

“Great place…great and smooth product! The tour of the place was awesome. Thank you Wild Rag [Vodka]! Hope to be back in the near future. All the way from Washington State. Thanks Roy!”
Jeremy Lopez

“Finally made it, really nice place. Drink after drink, o my. 
Can't wait to go bk. Live music · Hip atmosphere · Friendly bartenders · Perfect for parties “
Ladydi Silva

“It’s alway a good time at the Wild Rag! — with Kate JoplingAmber Richter and Macy Richter at South Texas Distillery Home of Wild Rag Vodka.”
Skyler Richter Wright

“Nice atmosphere, even better drinks.”
Paula Seabra Medina

“Such a great time, nice place & good drinks. loved the live music! “
Cristy Swisher

“Some of the best tasting drinks I've ever had. Free Wi-Fi · Big TVs · Great value”
Dana Cole

”We stopped by briefly to check it out. We ended up sitting for awhile and enjoying a delicious watermelon spritzer and "the last one" margarita. Both drinks were made with their house vodka & I must say their margarita is my new favorite. We will definitely be returning soon with a group to enjoy the live music. Excellent service · Friendly bartenders”
Shaneá Nicole

Great atmosphere and awesome service. Don't forget about the live music every weekend. Enjoyed the drinks and people visiting Wild Rag! Come out and try them, you won't be disappointed.
Adela Rodriguez-Hernandez

“Went to Wild Rag for the first time to watch my brother play. I have never had a margarita as great as theirs! Great atmosphere, great music by Cj, great drinks!”
Amber Richter

“Great atmosphere!!
Love it ! 😍 Creative cocktails · Live music”
Dinnah Gonzales

“Wonderful vodka! Made in South Texas. Terrific [Tasting Room] atmosphere.”
Terri Nicolau

“I'm an absolute Forever Fan of Wild Rag Vodka.”
Mimi Alice Bustamante Avendano

“We want to say, ‘fantastic!’ Perfect for parties.”
Cissy Allen Supernaw and Doug Supernaw

“Great vodka. Loved the bloody Mary’s with the mesquite vodka. Creative cocktails · Live music · Chic décor · Friendly bartenders · Free Wi-Fi.”
Deanna Tillotson Frandsen

We love his Wild Rag, best tasting Vodka, hands down. ❤️ "The drinks are amazing, great prices & awesome service. Will definitely be visiting again."
Monica Almaraz & Mark Howard

“ Love the Margaritas at Wild Rag."
Hayden Gallagher

1st time and I absolutely LOVED it!!! Amazing drinks and great atmosphere ❤️
Ashley Jo Lopez

“Had an awesome time & the vodka was Delicious!! I definitely will go back!!”
Kristi Thomas Guerrero

“Love it . . . the bartenders are so awesome and the drinks are great. I recommend the watermelon slice soaked in Wild Rag [watermelon infused] Vodka.”
Allison Olivarez

"Always a nice time and tasty drinks."
Wesley Sulephen

"A great little place to hangout relax & enjoy some music & awesome vodka 😊 Friendly bartenders"
Brenda-Adan Perez

“I can see this company becoming the next "it"... owner is hands on. showing great passion for his product. Everyone is guest centered, such lovely people. The Mesquite Bean Vodka is one of a kind as are the unique drinks.”
Minnie Cordero-Grunewald

"A perfect hidden South Texas gem where some of the best and most unique vodkas are produced. The tasting room had a relaxed atmosphere with a rustic layout and great service. Hand made cocktails featuring the local spirit are top notch.  . . . food truck on site . . . live . . .  tours of where the magic happens . . . definitely a positive, relaxing atmosphere to enjoy some locally made beverages . . . you can buy bottles on site (I did). We’ll be back, and we highly recommend it if you’re in the area. Fun atmosphere · Perfect for parties · Live music."
Nathan Charles

"Wife and I went to visit the Wild Rag tasting room for the first time last Saturday night to try out the vodka made there. I should be buggy whip for waiting so long to visit since its only about 10 minutes from where I live. I got say I’m not a big Vodka drinker but do like a good bloody Mary on occasion. Met Abraham Aguilar there and he fixed me up with my first taster of Mesquite Bean Vodka and I was blown away by the smooth taste. Normally I would had shot it down like a cheap shot of tequila but instead this non-Vodka drinker enjoyed sipping on it and enjoyed every drop. To shorten this story I’ll just say that I loved the Mesquite and the Regular Vodka very much and had to take a couple of bottles home. The tasting room had a great atmosphere with very friendly folks, employees and the Music was great. Thank you Wild Rag!!"
Andrew Carlucci

"I have to say Wild Rag Vodka is the best - hands down . . . [others] did not measure up to Wild Rag. My opinion . . "
Isabel Robert Trevino

" If you find yourself way down in South Texas, mosey on over to Sandia and try some excellent vodka made right at this gentleman's place..... "
Melinda Grimes

" . . . For a long while now, I've tried different vodkas looking for the ONE. Well, I think I may have found it in the purely smooth, distinct flavor and spirit of Wildrag Vodka 🙌 Whether you're wanting an elevated mixology experience, or a down *in it* vodka sipping, shooters kind of night, Wild Rag Vodka will take you there and beyond! Trust. Royel Aguilar thanks again for the down home hospitality and for bringing such a Wild beauty into the world! 🍸"
Andreea Flores

"Four of us stopped in today and are so glad that we did! Had an amazing time with amazing drinks and everyone was super friendly! We left with 8 bottles to take back home to Houston (2 per person) Thanks Royel Aguilar for the hospitality! "
Britanye Vollert Kitchens

" Awesome people and great vodka! Not far off I-37. A must stop if you enjoy smooth, high quality vodka."
Victor Goldman

"The BEST ever! Highly recommended....customer service is superb! High quality product ...high quality vodka...Mesquite Bean highly recommended along with their other awesome blends....will be coming back for more."
Cynthia Ann Olvera

Wild Rag Vodka, great product made by great people, come get you some!!
Jose Garcia

"Best in the land . . ."
Harry Rivera

"Wild Rag all the way . . . we always have so much fun . . ."  Wild Rag Vodka's drink "The Last One" is inspired by a true story brought to The Wild Rag Vodka Tasting Room by Elias Sanchez - remember to ask about it when you drop in.”
Elias Sanchez and Lynn Mazur

"It became my favorite vodka instantly!  Thanks Wild Rag."
Yvonne Martinez Urrea

". . . That Wild Rag Mesquite Bean Vodka is bad to the bone  - wow . . ."
Daniel & Maria Gaitan

"Our favorite place with my favorite person - #WILDRAGVODKA ❤”
Briana Garibay & Dotes Garibay

"We LOVE Your Vodka & Will Travel Hundreds Of Miles For It...!!!  Cheers"
Alex Davila

"Wonderful small Texas Distillery with three very nice vodka's. The owners Royel and Lupita are great hosts! It is like you have known them forever. Mesquite Bean Vodka is so smooth."
Graham Duryee

"Y'all welcome to Texas.  I see y'all found a great place with some fine sipping beverages to wash down some of that traveling dust.  The ultimate in Texas hospitality is to be found there also.  Enjoy!!!"
Homer Martinez

"Always a great time at South Texas Distillery home of Wild Rag Vodka!! Royel and Lupita are amazing and treat everyone with kindness and they are so welcoming!! This place needs a BIG star on the Texas map!! It’s a must visit!!! The scenic route just to get to the distillery is breath taking and then the amazing drinks and acoustic music is simply satisfying!! Head out to Sandia, TX!!"
Yvonne Gonzales Garza

"I love that this place is just down the road from my house out in Boondock, South Texas. Whenever I have company, the first place I want to take them is out to see Texas's only true-blue, handmade vodka distillery. Royel and Lupita are making history! Not only is a trip to visit the distillery a novel idea for entertaining visitors, but Roy makes some damn fine vodka!"
Jana Harrington Hall

"OMG....... what an amazing place! The owners are super nice and friendly, the drinks are outta this world and the atmosphere of the so relaxing. I really enjoyed visiting with everyone and learning about their business! Thank you so much for having these Missouri girls..."
Kim Hatch

🤔 Dang, now I'm sold, gotta try out that Mesquite Bean Vodka. Royel Aguilar . . ."
Gerardo Garza Jr.

"I love going here. The vodka is fabulous! The people are kind and welcoming and the drinks are awesome!! "
Ressa Estlack Kelley

"The folks here are warm and welcoming and the vodka is pretty dam good! Cool place ..."
Suzanne Guinn

"Great place to check out of you're in the area!! Wild Rag Vodka is super smooth, we enjoy if very much!!"
Debbie O'Connor Vorhees

" Came upon this place while visiting family in south Texas. Got to sample their vodkas and I’ve gotta say they’re smooth and tasty � ! We’ll be back for sure..."
Cara Burns

" Super friendly staff. 3 great Vodka varieties. Texas Torch is A++. Thanks again."
Terry Sine

" If you find yourself way down in South Texas, mosey on over to Sandia and try some excellent vodka made right at this gentleman's place..... "
Melinda Grimes

" Great Vodka and even better hospitality! We will definitely visiting often!"
Charolette Elaine

" Finally got to check this out! Great place, really nice people! Fantastic vodka!!!! Owner came & visited with us."
Roxie Parker Harwell

" Great place. These people really know what they're doing. They're organized and always watching to see if you need anything. "
Sandi Booth Lichtenberger

" Awesome place. Great service. Delicious Vodka. A must try."
Kelly Thurmon

" Very nice place! Awesome ppl and vodka!! Will definitely be back!"
Joy Aynsley

" Alriight! I loved the vodka when I was down south earlier this month and finally got to try it!"
Shasta Robertson Harvey

" Awesome place and amazing vodka !! If you're a vodka drinker then this is the place to go to!!"
Norma Perez

" Was the best we tasted in awhile. Loved meeting you at Squirrelys."
Dennise M King-Cox

" Bubba you can’t go wrong stopping at this little out of the way gem. Great people and great vodka!"
Jeffrey Spittler

" Great owner, great vodka! Glad we stopped in!"
Fancy Flores Bernhagen

" Fabulous we love the Vodkas, the Family and meeting new people!!!"
Trisha Casey Sellers

" Finally got to visit! Loved it and the Vodka is great. See you all again soon."
Angela Kaye Jenkins

" Great place and great people. Home town friendly love it."
Becky Pickens

" Awesome place and hospitality..... very proud of Royel in believing in his passion . I recommend Wild Rag Vodka to all my friends..."
Joel Soto

"Saw you on TV In Houston ...drove to spec's liquor In Spring and got bottle of that is so it And it won't be the last ........."
Ranz Batchelor

" Don't miss this place if you are in the area! Great place, wonderful people, and awesome vodka!"
Beth Baxter

"Took a trip to Sandia, Texas & it was so worth it! Met the Aguilars, had terrific service & the Wild Rag mesquite bean vodka was superb! Wishing everyone at S Texas Distillery wild success!"
Zoe Lemon

“So much fun & only 2nd time being there! Thank you for your awesome service, & great entertainment!”
Lauren Yvette Gutierrez

“Great little place to hang out with friends. Old and new!! And the Drink are delicious.”
Jerrell Shumake

"A gem of a place...great drinks, and the absolute BEST margarita you’ll ever have. Royel and Lupita’s hospitality make the vodka experience even better!"
Rachel R. Koenning

"Great owner, great vodka! Glad we stopped in!"
Fancy Flores Bernhagen

"Just saw your distillery on the "Bucket List" so I bought a bottle for my Son in Law. He only drinks Vodka. Keep the money here in TX is my moto. Thank you."
Nitro Scott

"Great place, wonderful people and the bloody Mary’s are to die for....."
Tricia Brown Buegeler

"With great people and good drink life is awesome. Best of Luck!"
Christopher Kelley

"We had a wonderful time there last night on our date night. Bloody Mary was excellent and the Baby Blue was delicious. First time there.  Great place.. the ambiance is relaxing and inviting. Listening to Kelly Kenning sing was awesome."
Peggy Leal

"Awesome place for family and friends to hangout. Luv it"
Belinda Vargas Hinojosa

1st time trying Mesquite Bean Vodka, and I am enjoying that smooth taste , definitely adding to cabinet."
Ronnie Daniels

"1st Time it was Saturday at South Texas Distillery Home of Wild Rag Vodka... had great time. Really like my drink,,,Last Call One I was awesome... absolutely going back."
Baldemar Guerra