HOURS: (21+ Only) - 2-Drink Limit per Patron.

TASTING ROOM COCKTAIL & BOTTLE SALE Hours: OPEN EVERY Fri & Sat - 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Please Review DETAILS below regarding children, pets, & more.  Please call 361-701-1542 or 361-877-0158 for any additional details. 21+ Only.

Mon-Thur & Sunday - Closed

Please call 361-701-1542 or 361-877-0158.

For Tasting Room location, map, or contact click here.



CHILDREN:  YOU  Must be 21+ with a VALID ID TO BE ANYWHERE ON THE PREMISES.  Please do not bring children anywhere on the premises - inside or outside - the distillery & tasting room (this includes, infants, toddlers, teens).  You may NOT leave children in your automobiles or outside the tasting room (REGARDLESS OF AGE) while you tour the Distillery or while you have drinks even IF the children are with another adult OR EVEN IF YOUR CHILD IS "CONSIDERED" YOUR DESIGNATED DRIVER.

PETS:  Our facilities are not equipped to accommodate pets.  Please DO NOT leave pets in your automobile; do not leave them anywhere outside our facility; and do not leave them tied up to anything on our premises while you tour the facility or have drinks.  We love pets, we just do not have proper accommodations.

ALCOHOL: PLEASE DO NOT BRING  ANY kind of alcohol ANYWHERE ONTO OUR PREMISES (indoors or outdoors) - THIS includes BEER.  We CANNOT - BY LAW - sample your homemade liquor or beer.

MIXERS: PLEASE do NOT bring YOUR OWN MIXERS for us to mix your drinks.  

CONTAINERS: PLEASE do NOT bring your own cups, glass, or containers of ANY kind with you into the Distillery or Tasting Room.  


The Tasting Room

Tasting room designed & built by
Nicolas Arguijo, Royel Aguilar, Marcos Lopez, & Jordan Villarreal