All about Wild Rag® Vodka

Royel Aguilar is the Master Distiller and Founder of South Texas Distillery home of  Wild Rag® Vodka.  A four-generation Aguilar, Royel still lives on the very property where he was born & raised in Sandia, Texas, where he and his wife raised their children, & where Wild Rag Vodka was also born.  Royel has always loved working hard but his passion is creating great Texas Vodka.  His knack & creativity as a domestic chef - he claims - is the root of his distilling. “It’s just plain simple,” Royel says, “It’s exactly like cooking.  It's just simple.”  Royel's appreciation for cooking led to his interest in wine-making and his wine was a hit with friends and family.  He then tinkered with the idea of making vodka and with some pondering and nudging from his family & friends he decided he had to make a run for it.  Royel embarked on a journey to craft the best and most unique Vodka around and his idea became reality. So, there you have it folks & here it is. This Cowboy has crafted a great-tasting, smooth-drinking, premium Vodka collection without the premium price tag!

Right out of Sandia - a tiny spec of a South Texas town- Wild Rag® Vodka is buzzing near & far with talk of the best drink around!  So, if you’re riding, roping or just hangin’ out, please do enjoy yourself & always drink responsibly.  

Wild Rag Vodka is taking Texas to a new level of excitement in the spirits market.  This is really a "must try."


“The Father of Mesquite Bean Vodka”

“The Father of Mesquite Bean Vodka”

“Today was a scorcher. Royel Aguilar peered out the window into the South Texas heat. Just two years ago, he was out there, working in it, doing what it took just like his father and grandfather had before him. The land beneath his feet had been in his family for generations and now so would South Texas Distillery, home of Wild Rag Vodka. Royel put his boots on the table in front of him and leaned back in his chair. He took a long, slow pull from his Mesquite Bean Martini, tilting his hat to those who came before him. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon in South Texas, but for the Father of Mesquite Bean Vodka, the work has just begun.”

Creative Writer: Palladin Scoggins @Gnarly_Neptune
November 28, 2018

The Wild Rag® Vodka Collection

The first and ONLY Distillery in the World making a Specialty Premium Mesquite Bean Vodka!


Silver Medal Award-Winning Wild Rag® Mesquite Bean Vodka

The Distiller's Specialty, Premium Mesquite Bean Vodka is the first of its kind ever to hit the spirits market and less than a year in production, it won its first Silver Medal in the San Diego California's 2018 Distilled Spirits Competition!!

The Distiller has taken the fruit of the resilient Mesquite Tree and handcrafted it into a fine Texas-Bred Spirit. The Mesquite Tree has long stood on the Texas range and its fruit harvested as a food source for centuries. Wild Rag’s mesquite beans are carefully hand-picked at maturity locally & from the vast lands of the Paraiso Ranch in South Texas. The Distiller handpicked his first mesquite beans for the first Mesquite Bean Vodka batch from the trees on the very property where he was born & raised, and where he makes this premium vodka. Everyone should experience this great-tasting, original vodka. So smooth you can drink it straight or mixed. Either way, it’s a true crowd- pleaser. No beans about it! Prod. July 2017.

750ml | 40% Alc by Vol | 80 Proof
50ml | 40% Alc by Vol | 80 Proof
Distilled from Mesquite Beans
Mesquite Charcoal Filtered


Wild Rag® Vodka

Wild Rag Vodka is masterfully hand crafted and column distilled in small batches. Everything is done in-house and hands on. The Distiller himself takes the entire Vodka run - from fermenting, to stripping, then distilling, to blending, and filtrationwhile continually examining his Vodka for excellence. The Vodka is only bottled when he has achieved the highest quality vodka. Prod. June 2016.

750ml | 40% Alc by Vol | 80 Proof
50ml | 40% Alc by Vol | 80 Proof
Distilled from Cane Sugar
Gluten Free


Wild Rag® Texas Torch

Cinnamon Flavored Vodka

The Distiller created Wild Rag Texas Torch Cinnamon Flavored Vodka with savory notes of hot chili pepper & cinnamon. The Distiller has carefully crafted this blend with a perfect balance of heat and sweet resulting in a pleasingly smooth-tasting cinnamon flavored Vodka like no other. People are raving over this Vodka. Prod. September 2016.

750ml | 35% Alc by Vol | 70 Proof
50ml | 35% Alc by Vol | 70 Proof
Distilled from Cane Sugar
Gluten Free

We DO NOT USE massive produced neutral grain spirits (*NGS) in our products - EVER.

Ask for it everywhere you go! 

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Enjoying Wild Rag® Vodka at Paraiso Ranch

ROYEL AGUILAR, Master Distiller & Founder