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The Purist-
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For centuries the Honey Mesquite was a staple food source for the indigenous people of Southern Texas. That regional and unique flavor has been revived and reimagined in our Wild Rag Batch27. Carrying the name of our most coveted batch , we craft this prized vodka using a proprietary method to maintain the Mesquite's character and flavor throughout distillation. During this run, we retain only the purest of the “hearts”. The batch is then filtered over mesquite charcoal for a supremely smooth finish. We proudly offer this finely crafted spirit for your enjoyment.

Flavor Profile- Texas sized taste, with a supremely smooth finish - Our batch 27 is distilled using the bean of the south texas honey mesquite. The fire-roasted mesquite beans offer a deep and complex profile, and our mesquite charcoal filtering makes for a silky finish. this complex, yet mellow, spirit is Exceptionally well suited to enjoy neat, or to lend its deep and smokey attributes to your favorite cocktail.

Tasting Notes- Nose: buttery, vanilla, cream, cocoa nibs, powdered sugar, cantaloupe, sweet grain, celery salt, nuts, potato skin, wet stone, savory. Palate: Slightly smokey, complex, earthy, silky, pipe tobacco. Finish: Cocoa, bakery, kitchen spice, green pepper, silky, smooth, deliciousness.

South Texas Honey Mesquite

Rich with natural sugars, the fruit and bean pods have been used for centuries as a food and grain source. From these sugars and unique flavor, Master Distiller, Royel Aguilar, crafts our signature Batch 27 Vodka.

Less Than 50 miles, Bean to Bottle

We hand pick our wild-grown beans by zone at the peak of maturity. We then transport them less that 50 miles for processing, distillation and bottling - making our process extremely low-impact on our wildlife, soil and air.

Wild sourced & sustainably Harvested

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