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the perfect balace of sweet & heat

Our Texas Torch Cinnamon Flavored Vodka is distilled from pure cane sugar, to which our master distiller, Royel Aguilar, then adds his signature blend of natural cinnamon and hot chile flavors, resulting in a pleasingly smooth-tasting flavored vodka. Like all of our Wild Rag Vodkas, Texas Torch is distilled in very small batches and careful attention is paid to only producing the highest quality spirit available. please enjoy, and always drink responsibly.

Flavor Profile- Awaken your taste buds with the unashamedly bold combination of cinnamon, hot chiles and sweetness in Wild Rag’s Texas Torch. Nothing compliments a cold winter night beside the fire like a dram of Texas Torch. Warming from the inside out, you can taste the smoothness and quality in every Sip. Notes of cinnamon create a nostalgic backdrop of familiarity for the perfectly balanced hot chiles to slowly develop. Enjoy neat or in your favorite cocktail recipe.

Tasting Notes- Nose: cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, sweet, spice Palate: cinnamon, smooth, chili pepper, sweet hot, spice, delicious Finish: smooth, refreshing, silky, warm cinnamon flavor

Toasted Cinnamon

Top notes of sweet cinnamon are prevalent in this well-balanced spirit... but don't let that sweet smile fool you, she's got a little surprise in store!

A touch of Spicy Chile

Sneaking in to make sure our sweet side doesn't get out of balance, the slowly warming glow of juuuuust a touch of hot chile to finish clean and smooth.

The Perfect Balnce of Sweet & Heat

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