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The Professional-
a mixologists best friend

What’s in a name? For us- everything. We wouldn’t put anything less than our best into a vodka named for the little town where we began. Sandia Silver showcases our pride in our town, our great state and our vodka. This premium vodka is so smooth and inviting, you can sip it straight. These well mannered traits make it the perfect vodka for premium martini and cocktail recipes.

Flavor Profile- This is one of those rare times, we sit quiet and take a bit of a backseat when it comes to outright flavor. You see in this case, we're just here for the party! This exceptional ability to mingle is what has quickly made this vodka a favorite among mixologists.

Tasting Notes- Nose: Citrus, subtle, clean, fruity. Palate: sugar cane, sweet, smooth, well developed, crisp, mouth filling, peaches, vanilla Finish: creamy, soft, silky, smooth, savory

Named for the Little Town where it all started

Named for the little town in South Texas where master distiller, Royel Aquilar, started making Vodka.

Mixology Monster

With the manners and smoothness of premium Vodkas costing over double its price, Sandia Silver makes a mixologist's work shine.

Big city appeal,
small town roots.

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